Winter Driving – 4 Things You Must Carry in Your Vehicle

When winter strikes and driving becomes difficult, it’s important to have a driving safety checklist to ensure that you are not left stranded in unforgiving weather if your car breaks down. The first step is having a few essentials in your vehicle whenever you decide to venture out. We will quickly go over some of these items: 


Few things are as frustrating as being stuck with a dead battery when the weather is not desirable. However, this issue is more common than it should be. Subzero temperatures may do a number on your battery, so it is advisable that you always have booster cables tucked in somewhere to bring it back to life!

2. Ice Scraper

Most people have to face a lot of trouble to get rid of the icy layer that forms on their car when they park it out in the cold. In such a situation, an ice scraper can prove to be a blessing in disguise. It will help you to scrape off the ice efficiently from your car’s windows and windshield in no time at all. 


3. Tire Repair Sealant

Tire issues crop up when you least expect them! Sadly, flats are extremely common during winter as tires are susceptible to losing air pressure at a rapid pace in such conditions. When it’s too cold, you may not be equipped to replace the tire altogether. To avoid being stuck in the middle of nowhere, ensure that you have a tire repair sealant kit handy. The right approach would be to fix the puncture for the time being and then stop by your nearest auto repair shop. 


4. LED Flashers

In case of an accident or if your car acts up, LED flashers or hazard triangles can be lifesavers. These inform oncoming traffic that your car is parked on the road especially on those cold nights when visibility is poor. It also helps emergency car repair technicians to spot your car more easily. 

Having these things in your car can be extremely beneficial when snow is not your friend. At Finney Auto Body, we handle every aspect of dealing with car collisions during the winter season and do our absolute best to get your car back on the road as soon as possible. Give us a call if you have questions! 641-472-6468