4 Collision Repair Myths We’d Like to Debunk

None of us want to be in a car accident!  They can be terrifying, stressful, and of course cause a significant dent in your wallet.  There are also several misconceptions regarding insurance and repair work which we would like to clarify.  If you ever have to deal with the outcome of a collision, Finney Auto Body is here to repair your car efficiently and as quickly as possible.  We will be there with you to deal with paperwork, claims processing, and also help you to get your car back to its former glory!

A few collision repair myths may stop people from getting the repairs they need.  Not to worry; we are here to bust them and help you understand the reality.  Here are some Collision Repair Myths we would like to discuss today:

Myth #1

Car repairs can only be done at an auto dealership.

It is a fact that getting your car repaired at a dealership will not only cost you more, but it will also take longer. In addition to this, you may not get perks such as assistance with claims processing and help in finding a rental car if you get your car fixed at a dealership.

Myth #2

You are stuck with the auto repair shop suggested to you by your insurance agency.

This is not true! Your insurance company doesn’t have the right to choose for you or force you to select a particular auto repair shop. In fact, this is considered illegal. They can, of course, give you their recommendation, but you have the freedom to select the repair shop of your choice.

Myth #3

Insurance companies pay every penny to get your car repaired.

We wish this was true but sadly, this isn’t the case. Whether your insurance company will pay for every repair really depends on the kind of coverage you have. Details are usually listed on the policy itself, so make a point to study the policy document cautiously before signing up for insurance.

Myth #4

Your insurance company will require 2-3 different estimates for collision repair.

Again, untrue! There is no rule for this anymore as it was in the past. One estimate is enough to get you going since your insurer will procure its own estimate before giving you the green signal. It always makes sense to discuss the auto repair process and get your car assessed by a few experts so that you end up getting the best deal, but only 1 estimate from the shop of your choice is actually needed by your insurance.